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   November    2014 input/output response spectra for dynamic analysis (requires 64-bit Windows)   v.2.1.2
   August    2014 improved uniform loads for 2D beams, visualization, updated 3D beam element   v.2.1.1
   May    2014 improvements: file name convention, animation, visualization, 3D beam element   v.2.1.0
   May    2014 improved 2D heat flow and dynamic analysis, code optimization   v.2.0
   October    2011 upgrade: improved 3D elements, new modal analysis function for large systems   v.1.2.2
   September    2008 improvements: better time integration, code optimization   v.1.2.1
   May    2006 an upgraded version including references in the code and bug fixes released   v.1.2.0
   December    2004 published on Matlab Central File Exchange and Technische Universitat Munchen   v.1.1.0
   August    2004 the project was conceived as a teaching tool for students of structural dynamics   v.1.0.0

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